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British Documents

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We assist with application of British Documents which are Birth certificates, UK Police Clearance, Passport renewal and Apostille / Embassy verification.

Birth Certificates

If one need a British Birth certificate our team will be able to facilitate the application process.

We will require the following information:

Immigration processes
Visa applications
Study abroad
Many other reasons

If the applicant was born before 1950, we will also need:

Father’s/Parent’s surname
Father’s/Parent’s forename(s)
Mother’s maiden surname
Mother’s surname at time of the birth
Mother’s forename(s)

Marriage Certificate

If one needs to apply for a copy of their British marriage certificate, it can be done from abroad without necessarily being in UK.

We will require the following information per application:

Year marriage was registered:

Party 1 Surname:
Party 1 Forenames
Party 2 Surname:
Party 2 Forenames:
Date of marriage (dd/mm/yyyy)
Place of marriage:
Party 1 Father’s Surname:
Party 1 Father’s Forenames:
Party 2 Father’s Forenames:

Passport Renewal

We assist with UK Passport renewals for citizens outside UK for a passport that has expired or will be expiring in the near future.

Further details and requirements will be shared on contact.

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